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The Dirty Groovers are worth the journey. Residing in Salida, CO they're modern mountain peeps that have a liking for the hills, the rivers, and the music. It was only a matter of time before they would assemble. The 5 piece rock-a-grungers are hitting the scene with some stank. Words that describe their music...raw folk rock of yester-years meets indie blues??? Plus a little alternative country grunge, alt. gruntry?? The band has soul. You know your getting a dirty groove with these guys...It's gonna be dirty giveth fast or slow.

Possibly rocking the loudest & smallest drum set ever while serving up some tasty beats  is Mr. Jonas Harlow. Hailing from Texas and Oklahoma this now Coloradan keeps these dirty groovers in time & inline. 

Bass thumping Texas fool Matt Fritz is becoming as smooth with the 4 strings as he is with the............surfing waves. This fella being able to do about what ever he puts mind to will inspire any newbie to the instrument as he's only been at it for a short time but moving along above 110bpm.

New comers to TDG's is local Salida, CO legend Mr. Paul Byers. It seems no band can say no to Paul. Jumping on stages from Mumford and Son's to Joe Blow (TDG's), his enthusiasm for the saxophone and flute will get you all jazzed up. 

And newest lead guitarist, Mr. Carey Hallett, a man that locally needs no introduction whom has work alongside some national notable names in his musicianhood. This man can RIP! 

Finally, Tennessee raised frontman J.D. Henderson has been writing as many bad songs as possible over the years, and making people listen to them too. However, with The Dirty Groovers he is showing maturity in the craft. Writing a raw and well presented buffet of tunes thus far, you can feel he is ready to chow down.

Don't miss an opportunity to see these guys, along with other special guest play out as their sound is forever evolving  and a refreshing surprise to the local Arkansas Valley music scene.


The Single Reporter               

- Michelle Maccaux